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Virtual Tour Of The New Kidding Area and Nursery!

Looking for ideas for your kidding area setup? Need ideas for kidding pens? Here is what I came up with for the new farm. I really enjoyed doing this project and I've been very happy with the results! I have added some additional features since taking this video, and hope to get another one made soon, but wanted to get this posted in time for everyone to get ideas and inspiration since kidding season is approaching soon! :) 

I did 100% of the work myself, including welding the kidding panels together and painting them! I started with 1" square stock to make the frames. I also made my own gates and hinges. :) There are lots of details to consider in your overall design of your kidding area so listen and watch and find inspiration for your setup!

Anyhow, here is the video of the nursery first year at the new farm in 2019! Hope to get a new one soon showing all the more recent additions! Its looking GREAT!!!!

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