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Virtual Tour Of The New Goat Milking Parlor!

Looking for milk room setup ideas? I wanted to share the new milk parlor here at my new farm that I just completed!

A few things I didn't mention in the video, you may be wondering "why didn't she go with a pipeline milking system?". Well, cost would be one major consideration. They start at over $10k!!! Also, with this setup, as we wind down in the off season and I'm not milking as many does, this is more scalable. I can easily just go to milking 4 or 2 at a time and not have the cost of running the cleaning chemicals through a pipeline system when I'm not milking very many. You may wonder "but doesn't it take a lot of time to clean up to 3 bucket milkers?". Actually no! Once you get a system down, its really very fast and with my CIP hack (that means clean in place), the inflations and milk lines are super easy to clean with very little time and effort on my part. You can find instructions and video in my posts here on how to do the CIP system!

Scroll down after the video to see an early pic of when I was building the interior wall! I couldn't lift the wall into place by myself so had to come up with a creative solution! ha

Anyhow, here is the video of the new milk parlor!

Here is how I lifted the wall in place. That window with the boxes on the sill is the same window you see in the video with the AC unit in it. :)

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