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What Do Goats Eat?

Do goats eat anything? Do goats eat tin cans? Here are some facts about the diet of a goat:

  1. •Goats are browsers, they love many weeds, pasture grasses, leaves and shrubery.They are not grazers, like sheep. They won't mow your lawn.
  3. •There are some plants that are poisonous to goats. Some are more poisoness than others. You will want to look these up to ensure you have a safe area for your goats. Here is a good place to start: Poisonous Plants
  5. •Most goats are kept on pasture and/or fed hay. Its very important that their hay be kept in a dry, covered area, up off the ground so it doesn't get moldy. Mold can kill a goat.
  7. •Its a myth that goats will eat anything! And they definitely can't eat tin cans! They actually can be quite picky!
  9. •Many people supplement their goat's diet with a specific goat grain feed. Its very important to not overfeed grain! It can cause bloat and overeating disease (entrotoxemia), both which can cause death. Make sure they can't get into (or other animal feeds) where its stored.
  11. •Many people like to give their goats treats. The healthiest kind of treats for your goats are going to be things like pieces of cut up apples, carrots and other fruits or vegetables. No pit fruits, they can be toxic. Mine even enjoy the peels of fruit like banana, orange and grapefruit!
  13. •Nutrition for neutered males (known as wethers), needs to be carefully considered because wethers are prone to urinary calculi (kidney stones), which can become a life threatening condition quickly. They need a proper calcium to phosphorus ratio at 2:1. Too much grain can greatly contribute to urinary calculi as well as any foods that have a high phosphorus to calcium ratio.
  15. •Mold kills goats. Hay and grain should be kept in a dry location. Hay should be fed up, off the ground. Grain should be regularly inspected, the mold can appear as tiny white dots on the pellets, which doesn't even look fuzzy at all so it should be checked diligently and regularly.

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