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Learn About the ADGA Genetics Tool

One of the most amazing things about ADGA registration is the ADGA Genetics website and tools! Unfortunately, a lot of new people don't learn that it exists for many years!

Here you can lookup ANY ADGA registered goat and get a clickable pedigree with linking information about each goat about so many other hings (see left hand menu options below)

Pedigree links

The ADGA Genetics website is separate from the regular ADGA site you may have visited. The web address for the ADGA Genetics site is https://www.adgagenetics.org

ADGA Genetics Tool

The basics are go to the site and type in a goats name, or what their name starts with and hit enter and you'll get a list of goats that match, click on a goat in the list and you'll get their entire clickable pedigree. On the left hand menu pane for each goat you click on, there are links for their progeny, their linear appraisal history (if any), their CDCB data (milk records - if any) and their production/type evaluations (if any). This is a POWERFUL tool to help you learn more about lines you may have or may be interested in.

You can also use the menu options that are across the top of the website to use other tools within the ADGA Genetics site, like their planned pedigree tool which is great for helping you determine inbreeding percentages for planned breedings. You can also analyze many different types of data with the various tools.

Here is a guide to help you learn more about using the site and all its various tools:

ADGA Genetics Tips and Tricks Guide

If you are not using the ADGA Genetics tool, you are missing out on a huge part of the benefits of having ADGA registered goats. It is hands down one of the most amazing benefits of owning ADGA registered goats. AND ITS FREE!!! :) Open to the public, anyone can use it. I hope you will explore it and learn more about all it has to offer! :)


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