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Virtual Tour Of Our Doe and Dairy Barn

Looking for barn design ideas? Need ideas for good airflow and workflow for your barn? Here is what I came up with for the new farm. Many years at my old farm learning what works well and what I'd like to have if I could helped me come up with all the components in my new barn design. A lot of thought went into every detail! I'm very happy with the results!

I had the shell of the building built and did all the interior building myself, sometimes with the help of one other person where needed. All interior walls, structures and finishing (including plumbing and electrical) was done by me... mostly 100% by myself. The hay loft and framing of the ceiling and stairs of the dairy section was the only part I had help. Its a very satisfying feeling to see the results of all that work! I'm very happy with it!

Anyhow, here is the video of my barn! Who knows what improvements I'll come up with over time, but I am LOVING this setup!!!

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