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Reservation and Sales Policy

PLEASE READ everything I have written below.



Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis and are $150 which goes towards the final cost of the kid.

Buck reservations: Reservations are available for bucks out of any breedings that have an amount listed for them on the kidding schedule. If you've placed a reservation, and there is no buck available to fill your reservation (i.e. no buck born or enough bucks aren't born and you had 2nd or 3rd buck reservation on that breeding), then you can choose to have your deposit refunded at that time, or apply it to something else. Your choice.

Doe reservations: I will take a limited number of reservations for doe kids. I don't take doe reservations for specific breedings since I keep so many. I make a group available after each kidding cycle (usually I have a new group about every 3-4 weeks). You can make your pick out of the available doe kids I have from that kidding cycle, or pass on that group and wait for the next group unless its end of season and that group is the last group left to choose from. If for some reason I do not have any does to offer for your reservation, you can choose to have your deposit refunded at that time, or apply it to something else. Your choice.

Adult reservations/deposits: Please make sure you can arrange transport for the agreed upon timeline prior to sending a deposit. If transport (or self pickup) can not be worked out within the agreed upon timeline, or you can't make the purchase work for any other reason, deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. So please make sure you can work everything out before placing deposits. :)

Kid deposits: If a buck or doe kid is matched after birth and you are unable to arrange transport (or self pickup), or you can't make the purchase work for any other reason within the agreed upon timeline (typically 2-3 weeks old unless otherwise agreed upon), the deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE. So please make sure you can work everything out before placing deposits. :) Kids are ready to be picked up at 2-3 weeks old. If you are uncertain if you can pick up during a certain time, you should definitely wait until the doe has been bred and the kidding schedule updated with a due date. If you place a deposit after a due date is listed, and the due date changes (i.e. the doe comes back into heat), I will notify you to see if you still want the reservation with the new kidding date. If not, I will refund at that time or you can apply it to something else. If you place a deposit before a due date is listed, you are agreeing that you have availability to pick up the kid at 2-3 weeks old no matter when he is born. Kids will be on a bottle 3x a day at time of pickup.

You CAN place a "blanket reservation" if you are willing to take any buck kid, but reservations on actual breedings will come first, then as I have kids unspoken for, I will go to the blanket reservations, then to the interest list. :)

I will take a very limited number of doe kid reservations, since I keep so many and can't know ahead of time how many will be available for sale.

General Sales Policy

Kids need a same size companion that is also a 100% bottle kid. The buddy does not have to be from me, but please make sure you have one for everyone's sake. Same age dam raised kids don't usually work out as companions because the does won't let the new kid near the herd and as the kid becomes desperate for companionship, it will ignore the doe's increasing aggression and things can end up very ugly and stressful for all.

I guarantee that kids leave here healthy. I provide mentoring and care instructions. Please contact me with any questions or if there are any symptoms of anything and I can usually help before something gets worse.

I guarantee that your kid won't have extra teats or have an undescended testicle. I do not guarantee final adult size of kids. I do not guarantee that the buck or doe will never have a kid with a teat, testicle or other defect, hopefully not, but if you breed long enough, you are bound to see a teat or testicle defect pop up eventually. Teat defects are cosmetic defects that do not affect quality of life and these goats still make perfectly happy, healthy pets. If we have a goat with a teat defect, we sell them unregistered, as a pet.

CH (Carpal Hyperextension) is a genetic defect that affects the quality of life by impairing the front leg(s). It is a concerning, quality of life defect that is widespread in Nigerian Dwarf genetics currently. We have never had a case of CH in our herd, or reported to us from any buyers or subsequent owners of Better Wayz goats. I will continue to be diligent about keeping CH from entering our genetics if/when I bring outside blood in. In the mean time, we will continue linebreeding the genetics we know, trust and love, to protect ourselves, and our buyers from the heartbreaking devestation CH can bring to a herd.

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