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PLEASE READ everything I have written below. I have updated my sales procedures!!!!

$200 deposit per doe to hold until agreed upon pickup

I will not sell does alone. Sorry, but the does just do so much better going into their new herd & home when they are not alone. My priority and responsibility is first to the well being of my does and I want the best possible homes for them but I also feel that I am doing the best for my customers with this "policy". There have just been too many exceptions I've made in the past and it did not go as well (at all) as the new owner (or I) thought it would and my does have suffered needlessly. I really don't want to do that to any of my does... or my customers! Stressful for all involved!  :) Also, long transports are stressful for adults in milk, which adds even more to the equation. Don't skimp on transport. Thats not the place to save money. If you're using a transporter, be sure you have SOLID references and have a CLEAR agreement for the longest you should expect it to take for the does to get from here to you. Most transporters don't milk, or if they do, don't milk well, so its really best if you get/do direct transport (yourself or hire a private transporter that won't be making other stops and going off route). Its worth every bit of extra effort and/or money to get your does from A to B quickly and with the least amount of stress possible.

Available Nigerian Dwarf Does & Kids

**I always try to communicate each does positives and any potential areas for improvement. That doesn't mean I think they are not a good choice. Any of these are actually very good choices for various reasons in my opinion. But, they each do have their individual, unique strengths and weaknesses which I try to highlight. **


2023 Kids For Sale

Since these two kids are older now, and very bonded to the herd, I would require these two go together. The Tuggers girl will still definitely be available (if not already sold) during kidding season too and could go as an inexpensive companion to a first freshener (or dry yearling). Click the link in the last column for pics & info. :)
DoeBuckDue Date Kid InfoNotes
Better Wayz Angelica
Better Wayz Bravehart Carabear

kidded 4/16/2023
1 doe
Does: $1000 1 doe available

Click here to see pics
Better Wayz Tuggers
Better Wayz Is A Hunk

kidded 4/17/23
2 does
Does: $650 1  doe available

click here to see pics & info


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